Jake Gyllenhaal’s Film Funded by Chinese Company, Talks about Taylor Swift and Mighty Ducks!

Howard Stern got up close and personal, when he asked Jake Gyllenhaal if the actor was currently in love. Gyllenhaal immediately responded that he wasn’t.

When asked how many times he had been in love before, he said that it would be three times, but then quickly corrected it and said that he was in love twice. Jake Gyllenhaal has previously dated Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon.

Jake Gyllenhaal confessed on The Howard Stern Show that he had auditioned for the Mighty Duck and had even nailed it, but couldn’t be a part of the show because of his parents. His parents refused to let him be a part of Mighty Ducks since they wanted him to focus on his junior high.

Although Jake Gyllenhaal had cried then, he said that he now believes that his parents were right when they said that he should focus on his education first and then focus on building a career in the television and films.

South Paw didn’t do as well as it was expected to. The main excitement about the film was Gyllenhaal’s transformation. Eminem’s song that is part of the film has also caused a stir. The film doesn’t seem to have a chance at the Oscar.

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