Jailbreak for Apple iOS 9.2.1 Might Not Release as iOS 9.3 Looms Near, Developer Groups Are More Focused On iOS 9.3 Jailbreak!

Apple iOS fans have not stopped asking for a jailbreak tool ever since the release of iOS 9.2.1. Some vague rumors and promises have been made in the past but nothing has been confirmed so far.

According to the latest reports, most of the prominent developers on the jailbreak scene have decided to focus their efforts on the upcoming release of iOS 9.3 and jailbreak that version instead of the older one.

Therefore, it seems like they are not putting any kind of serious work on iOS 9.2.1. Due to this, the possibility of seeing a jailbreak for the iOS 9.2.1 version is getting slimmer and slimmer. Therefore, users should start focusing on the upcoming jailbreak to be released with iOS 9.3.

However, on a happier note, this will grant access to a lot of new and improve features with a better and more stable version of the OS. It is not clear, however, if Apple is further planning to take more drastic action against the jailbreakers, but considering the history of the company, it will not be surprising if they decided to do so.

Over time, Apple’s strict stance on jailbreaking hasn’t changed at all and frankly speaking, the company seems to be getting more active when it comes to shutting down the attempts of jailbreak developers.

This is major topic of debate among Apple critics and fans with a lot of people suggesting that Apple should simply open the platform and allow anyone to jailbreak their devices if they wish to. However, this might not be a good idea considering the recent developments in iOS.

Everyone witnessed where Apple stands regarding the privacy of their users, in the San Bernardino case. It was a clear-cut demonstration of the superior capabilities of the iPhone. If users could easily break into iOS devices, it would make the security far less trustworthy as suggested by experts and therefore, the debate is quite far from over.

In the meantime, many other developers have come forward claiming that they have developed their own jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.2.1. One of them even posted screenshots as proof. However, the developers weren’t interested in assisting with the creation of a tool for everyone.

As a result, users are out of luck unless they figure out a way for themselves. It is also possible that one of these developers might change their mind.

Meanwhile, it is possible that the jailbreakers might change their mind and start working on a jailbreak took designed for the public but the chances are getting slimmer as we approach the release of iOS 9.3.

The next major version is still in beta testing and it will take much longer to bring it to a polished state. Therefore, talks on the jailbreak scene might shift soon in the direction of iOS 9.3 instead.

People who don’t wish to upgrade yet, this is definitely not the best news but there are plenty others who are waiting for iOS 9.3 to be jailbroken so that they can enjoy the upgrade and all of its benefits.

With that in mind, there will likely be more interest from the developer side as well. There are also rumors that Apple is trying to tighten the grip on the iOS security during its major releases.

If this turns out to be true, they could eliminate the most common loopholes which are used by the jailbreak developers. At the same time, this will require a significant rewriting of the operating system. This will further lead to the making of new loopholes which were previously inaccessible.