Jaden Smith Seen Hanging Out with Ex Kylie Jenner, Sarah Snyder Caught-Up in a Drugs Scandal, And More!

Jaden mesmerised everybody at the Met Gala, along with his sister Willow Smith. At the event, which was held in Brazil, he was seen donning one such androgynous outfit. This time, it was a skeletal themed jacket and leather boots, even though he gave the skirt a miss, there still were elements of gender fluidity in the dress.

The young model was heard saying that when it comes to fashion, the concept of Male and Female escapes him. He believes there aren’t any man clothes or woman clothes, all he sees is that there are scared people and comfortable people.

Jaden was recently on the cover of GQ magazine, there too he was seen promoting his gender fluid style of dressing. Apart from modelling the actor is also starring in the Netflix show, The Get Down which is created by Baz Luhrmann. Things are going well for this young actor, model, rapper, and songwriter.

In an interview with GQ magazine, the actors laid out his grand plan for the future. He has said that gender bending or high-end clothes are not his goal. He genuinely wants to make the world a Utopia, by making it a place where people won’t be bothered by differences in jobs, gender and will be able to do what they like.

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