Jaden Smith Kisses Man Onscreen, Revives Romance with Girlfriend, Explains Alienation

About his clothing line MSFTSrep, he said that it is pronounced as ‘misfits.’ The ‘I’s have been removed from the name to show that everyone involved with the line is a part of a team where there is no place for selfish interests, and has been created for especially those who feel that their gender constricts them.

It is the go-to platform for the teens who feel that they cannot fit in, just like Jaden does, and has been forever doing. Apparently, even before he had been able to speak out, he had known that others would not be able to understand him, something he also found out through his peers.

And he is not apologetic about it. This in-your-face attitude is something for which he credits his parents. However, Daddy Smith is himself scared at times of his son’s no-holds-barred approach towards life and people.

While speaking at the Young Hollywood Event, Smith also promoted his idea of a water bottle made from renewable resources. The young actor, who had been clicked using jugs to drink water, seems to be passionate about the water issues plaguing the planet.

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