iPhone 7 Features Leaked In New 4K Video, Video Sheds Light On Three Variants Of The Handset

A dual lens system does not necessarily provide better results than a single sensor system. This was proved when in an objective testing, Huawei P9, which is equipped with a dual lens was tested against the photo quality of LG G5, which has a single sensor. It was found that the dual lens camera didn’t particularly provide better photos than its single lensed counterpart.

Moreover, the dual lens will not help to take better videos. The low light video has been a persistent problem with the iPhone, and this camera in particular wouldn’t provide much aid in that department.

While the computational capabilities for zoom in the dual module cameras are no doubt better than the ugly digital zoom of single lensed ones, there is still room for a lot of improvement. It is nowhere near as good as it could potentially be.

Seeing as the iPhone desperately needs improvements, anything will be better than nothing at this point. The dual lens camera will certainly provide much better delivery and exposure latitude from the camera that currently exists with the iPhone right now.

Even if it doesn’t provide all the possibilities offered by the technology, at least it will provide better auto-focus and the monochrome sensors on the lens will provide images with better depth.

Stay tuned for more updates on this.