Improved Graphics, Gripping Storyline and Amazing Gameplay Featured In Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin!

You can play Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin in a number of innovative ways. Keep in mind that the shield and swords gameplay progresses at a much slower rate than PS4-exclusive Bloodborne. Before you have mastered parrying, you need to depend on shields and heavy armor in order to protect yourself from the weakest of enemies. The enemies are deadly enough to kill you in a few attacks if you let your guard down at the wrong moment. The enemy count is definitely higher than in the first game and as a result, the early enemy encounters in this DLC make it quite tough.

The PC gamers who purchased the Direct X9, 32 bit original version of Dark Souls 2 can finally upgrade at a reduced price but features a mildly convoluted gameplay. If you upgrade to the Direct X11, 64-bit version of the game, it will cost around 20 pounds, with £10 saved over the full retail release. If you purchased all the DLC packs, the price reduces to 12 pounds. The Remastered version presently costs the same as the initial title, along with all the bundled DLCs. As a result, there is no reason not to opt for the update.

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