Important Changes Introduced In FIFA 16 Along With a New and Exciting Draft Mode, More Details

Every year, FIFA tries to supplement and build upon what has been already accomplished. Every year, FIFA relies on the success of last year and keeps improving it steadily. In FIFA 16, this tradition will continue with an expansion of the game mode options instead of massively altering the actual condition and state of playing.

A major part of the gaming world is highly addicted to what FIFA players know as ‘FUT’ and this audience will be further expanded with the inclusion of a new Draft Mode coming to the FIFA Ultimate Team.

There are many gamers who neither have the time or patience needed to devote them to a complete season of Ultimate Team Building. With the new draft mode, players should gain enough impetus to become interested.

The entire idea revolves around you gaining easy access to some of the best players like Suarez, Ronaldo, Messi and Hazard among others. With this new feature, you don’t have to devote the entirety of your time in acquiring these players.

When you start the new draft mode, you will be presented with a complete selection of players for every position on the playing field. When you are looking up front, you can have the chance of choosing from players like Aguero, Rooney and Ibrahimovic.

In left back, you can choose from players like Baines, Marcelo and Alaba. You can pick any options you want but in the end you will always end with the reins of a dream team.

Once you have completed the selection of 11 players along with substitute staff, you are ready for kick off! Keep in mind that the draft mode session will last for four games. If you lose a game before this four-game run is over, you are disqualified and you’ll need to draft a new team and start again. With the addition of a new draft mode, you can play cooperatively with a friend.

In this year’s installment, FIFA will display any rare or special players in your team so that your opponent gets a glimpse of the players he’s up against. As a result, when we go to the field with our Team of the Week edition of players, it will be a bit more respectable for us. The ultimate highlight of this year’s FIFA game is the inclusion of Women’s International Teams.

Moreover, all of them are officially licensed. Many of the players included in the game secured center stage this summer as participants of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

More than 100 facial scans have been taken from this roster of ‘most famous players in the world.’ You can easily participate in the Pre-Season Friendly Tournaments and travel through regions like North America, South America, Asia and Europe before the start of the proper season.

If you win these tournaments, you are provided with an adequate transfer budget with additional cash. The stature of your team will decide the tournament you get to participate in and the opposition that you face. If you are Real Madrid, you can expect to go against Manchester United, Bayern Munich and the likes.