Hugh Laurie got a star in the Walk of Fame

British actor Hugh Laurie has received a star with his name on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.Hugh Laurie is celebrated in America thanks to his role in the series Doctor House, which was broadcast from 2004 to 2014. Thanks to the show, he became the highest paid TV actor, and twice won the prestigious Golden Globe Award.Before “Doctor House”, he received numerous memorable roles in the UK, including a series of “Black adder”.

“This is not fear. I have 57 years and I had very much luck from the beginning to the end, but now I expect a piano to fall on my head in order to re-establish a balance” joked the actor.At the ceremony of presenting the star on the Walk of Fame speech was delivered by his good friend and colleague Stephen Fry with whom he stared in the fun British comedy “A Bit Of Fry and Laurie”“Although he may not be the wisest and kindest star which got a star in the Walk of Fame, I dare to say that no other star was wiser or nicer” said Fry.