Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: New Tickets Available, Enthusiastic Reception, Mixed Fan Reactions, Loving Scorpius Malfoy

The complaints of these fans range from Rowling not penning the book, to it being passed off as a book itself (what they miss is that this is in fact, a script-book), to having to read a play which many were not able to do for more than 10 minutes.

These issues all stem from a general sense of frustration at having been inattentive to the details. Others feel that Rowling herself, while requesting the audience and the readers to keep the secret and spare others the spoilers, has not stuck to her promise.

They feel that she has not given the readers of the original series enough to relish on what they had come across, to respect their imaginations. That they should have had some time to cherish the memories.

The third major group of dissatisfied people is made up of those who feel that play does not do enough justice to all the emotions and visions evoked by the novels. By making things available in a format which by its nature is disjointed, it hampers with the feelings of consistency.

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