Halo 5 Guardians: Big DLC Headed Towards Fans, Xbox One Sales Boosted by the Game!

Halo 5: Guardians was released last month by 343 Industries as a platform exclusive action-shooting game. The game was released only for Xbox One consoles. Just recently it was announced by the developers that the game is set to get its first DLC this November.

A teaser trailer was released by the developers that gave glimpses of the new DLC which is being called the Battle of Shadow and Light. The trailer was shown at the end of a recent Halo 5 live stream.

The trailer reveals some of the new weapons and other gears that are coming with the update. It also shows that the DLC will bring forth a new Team Battle mode along with a number of maps for this mode.

The update will introduce a new eight-on-eight team battle to the game. Along with this new team battle mode, the DLC will add four maps to the game on which players will be able to battle it out by forming teams.

These maps are- Basin, Deadlock, Guillotine, and Recurve. These maps have been tweaked to make sure that they are fully capable of integrating the game’s movement system in them. These maps will also be available for players in the Custom Games and the Matchmaking section.

The Basin map is created by the 343 team, Deadlock is created by Nokyard and the 343 Multiplayer team, Guillotine is created by The Psycho Duck along with the 343 Multiplayer team and lastly the Recurve has been created at the hands of The Fated Fire and the 343 Multiplayer team.

Certain other things were also revealed through the trailer. It showed a glimpse of the popular M41 SSR Rocket Launcher which is coming with the update. The Mark IV helmet will also be made available to fans through the update along with black and gold colored skins for weapons.

Some very rare REQs will make its appearance in the game after the update and these are the Shinobi Armor Set and the Tracer Armor Set. Among other things, the update will also come with some storied items which include vehicles with Tundra and Woodland themes, the Void Dancer comet, and the Maverick Jester along with the Dying Star weapon.

This setting which is themed on the space will reportedly be used in the Forge.

The free update will also work towards fixing certain issues in the game. It will make some tweaks to the Warzone Assault. REQs will now level up faster. The base capture time has also been reduced from 20 seconds to 16 seconds. A delivery nav point has been added for drivers of vehicles who can now carry a passenger in the form of a friendly flag carrier.

The number of grenades that players can start with has been reduced to one. The issue of players able to hold the flag and use the driver and the gunner seat will be fixed through the update. After the update, players carrying the flag will only be able to seat in the passenger seat.

The Big Team Battle playlist has been added to Arena matchmaking and the Big Team Battle Capture the Flag, Slayer and Strongholds have been added to Matchmaking and Custom Games, through the DLC.

For all the Big Team Battles, the Motion Tracker is 25m which is the same as Warzone and the length of matches is 16 minutes.

In Capture the Flag, the team capturing the flag three times gets the win. In Strongholds, a win could be achieved by scoring 150 points and in Slayer a total of 100 points scored by a team will bring victory for it.

It was previously reported by Microsoft that Halo 5: Guardians has worked towards boosting sales for the company’s Xbox One console. Halo 5: Guardians which was released exclusively for the Xbox One has brought about a shipment increase of eighty-one percent for the console.