GTA 6 Surrounded by Rumors, Bigger Map Causing Delay, Game Likely to Be VR Compatible!

The sequel to the immensely popular GTA 5, that is GTA 6 is a much anticipated game of recent times. Fans have been eagerly waiting for Rockstar to come forward with substantial news regarding the upcoming game. However, the developers have been quite tight-lipped when it comes to the matter of GTA 6.

Some rumors regarding GTA 6 are doing rounds on the internet and these rumors claim that the game might finally see the light in 2018. However, there has been no official backing behind these rumors and thus they are to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The actual release date of the game might vary from the predicted date and chances are that it might be released before 2017. That being said, no one can know for sure when the game will hit the shelves unless and until the developers mention a specific release date for it.

The map of the upcoming game has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Rumors have it that it will be bigger than any of the maps that have been found in previous GTA games. A Reddit user by the name of VermillionDemonFox claimed that not only will it be bigger, it will also be unique compared to the previous GTA games maps.

He elaborated on the matter by stating that the map of GTA 6 will be a combination of all the maps of all the GTA games that have been released till date. Apparently, the southwest part of the map will be the region of San Andreas.

The territory of Las Venturas will be included within San Andreas. Some older gameplay locations like that of Liberty City, Vice City and San Fierro will also be included in the map of GTA 6.

Leslie Benzies, the former President of Rockstar North had on a previous instance stated that the map of the upcoming game will be created by combining all the cities that are found in GTA games that have been released till date. So this adds fuel to the rumors that the map of GTA 6 will indeed be massive and it will be a combination of all the previous GTA games’ maps.

Benzies also added that including cities from previous games in the map of GTA 6 will enable the fans of the series to visit locations to which they have a particular liking. They will also be able to explore a lot of area if the map is huge.

Fans are speculating that the development of the huge map is taking quite some time and this is what is causing a delay in the release of the game.

In other news, just in the recent past it came to light that Rockstar has managed to rake in a whopping $500 million from the microtransactions of GTA 5 Online. This could be another reason that the developers are not too keen on releasing another iteration of GTA game soon, when they are already earing some serious dollars through an existing GTA game.

Since the company is earning so much through GTA 5 Online, it might abstain from releasing GTA 6 till the craze revolving around GTA 5 Online has settled down a bit.

Just when the earnings from GTA 5 Online will start showing a downward trend on the chart, the company will roll out GTA 6 which will again provide an immense boost to the earnings through sales.

It has been seen that the developers are quite busy with GTA 5 Online as they have been rolling out one DLC after another for the game. Various events are also being held at regular intervals within the game. All of these are resulting in continued fan drawings towards the game.