GTA 6: Departure of Rockstar North Head to Cause Delay in Release? Might Feature Law Enforcement Officer as Main Playable Character, More Details!

GTA 6 has been the topic of discussion across various forums for quite some time now. Some unconfirmed reports state that Rockstar has already begun the development process of the game. Amidst various rumors the news of resignation of Rockstar North’s Head, Leslie Benzies hit fans which has left them in a state of worry about the future of the sixth iteration of their favorite game.

The man in question, Leslie Benzies took a prolonged leave from work and then reportedly decided against getting back in the company. He has been away from work since September 2014. He has been a crucial member of the company and when it comes to the GTA games, his contributions have been more than significant.

His leaving of the company is sure to have its effects on it and many believe that his departure is the reason for Rockstar not releasing any major DLCs for the existent GTA V. GTA V was released at around the same time Leslie Benzies went on a leave. It looks like the company is still trying to cope up with the major blow that it received by Leslie’s departure.

Fans are worried because his departure will likely have an effect on the upcoming GTA 6 too. It is being assumed that this is the main reason which is causing a delay in its release. Aron Garbut and Rob Nelson, both longtime members of the company, have been currently given the task of leading Rockstar North.

However, Rockstar recently came forward to reassure fans that the departure of Leslie Benzies will not have any effect on the normal functioning of Rockstar North.

It has been seen in the past that Rockstar releases GTA games every four years. The company has followed this trend since the release of GTA San Andreas. GTA IV came four years later and the company took another four years to release GTA V.

GTA V was initially released back in September 2013 and thus the next GTA game should hit the market by the end of 2017 or in 2018. However, there has been no announcements from the developers yet regarding the release date of the game.

Rumors have it that GTA 6 might be released for the next-gen consoles of Xbox 2 and PlayStation 5. It has just been two years since PlayStation 4 was released and thus it can be assumed that Sony won’t release their next edition of PlayStation console before 2018.

Various reports are stating that the developer have started developing the game for the next-gen consoles and it will see the light of the day anytime between 2018 to 2020.

It is also being rumored that Sony and Microsoft have already finished working on their upcoming consoles and Rockstar has managed to get their hands on them which is allowing them to get a clear knowledge about the specifications of the devices.

This would enable them to build GTA 6 according to the required specifics and make it compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox 2.

However, the current-gen consoles of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released just two years ago and it is highly unlikely that either Sony or Microsoft would finish working on their next edition of consoles within the short span of these two years.

It was previously reported that Rockstar might include a female protagonist character in GTA 6. This character would be played by renowned Hollywood actress Eva Mendes. Her real-life partner, Ryan Gosling would also reportedly star in the game in a lead role.