Grifball to Be Added In Halo 5 Later This Month, You Can Now Play Rocket League In Halo 5 As Well!

While arming the ball, the carrier can use their two thrusts stay alive or to close the gap on the enemy and beat them down. We think that the new carrier mechanics will give players a new skill to learn and enable a skilled ball carrier to win the game for their team.”

In other news, 343 Industries is also bringing back the Fiesta mode. However, the developer is yet to share any more details about it, especially regarding how it changed since Halo 4. You should check out the full post on Halo Waypoint in order to figure out how the designing of new modes and further customizations went on.

Through an update which is scheduled later this month, these modes will make their way to Halo 5. Infinity’s Armory, the latest update from Halo 5 was released in January. Meanwhile, 343 Industries has pledged that they will keep supporting Halo 5 in a continual manner and keep releasing free content through at least June 2016. Meanwhile, you get to play Rocket League in Halo 5!

In other news, you don’t have to wait any longer in order to play Rocket League on Xbox One that is unless; you’re not cool with playing a rendition on Halo 5. The Halo 5’s version of Rocket League makes use of ghosts instead of cars, in order to keep pushing the soccer ball around the map.

Stay tuned for more updates on Halo 5!