‘Get Together’ DLC Coming To Sims 4 This November Along With Some New Ideas for Upcoming Expansion Packs, More Details

EA recently announced the next expansion pack in their popular Sims franchise and the overall response is more positive than you can think. EA announced the second expansion pack for Sims 4, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The upcoming expansion The Sims 4: Get Together is primarily themed around group activities. However, quite comparable to the earlier expansion pack, group activities will be added by The Sims 3 Late Night, The Sims 4 Get Together and it will be in the form of clubs. Each of the clubs will have different kinds of styles, patterns and behaviors.

Players will be able to make their own custom clubs but keep in mind that Get Together DLC will launch with the pre-existing clubs. There aren’t many details on the clubs but reports indicate that Sims will be able to join three clubs at a time. During an interview, the producers suggested that there will be a kids club, foodies club and a fitness club.

However, no club is great without an awesome place to hangout. The developers didn’t forget that and due to this, Get Together will feature new areas like pools and pubs where the Sims will be able to swim in. DJ and Dancing are the new skills through which Sims will be able to bust some awesome moves and take part in cool tunes in discos and underground nightclubs.

Fans have expressed mixed views regarding this update as their initial reaction. Most fans have complained about a lack of innovation and light content. They should both be common in this era of The Sims franchise.

While fans complained about whether this new update brings substantial improvements or not, many were happy with the new European inspired world in The Sims 4. However, the blog posts and interviews which revealed more details about the Sims world showed the tendency of gradually winning over the fans.

It is expected that EA definitely hasn’t finished their development work on The Sims 4 Get Together but popular signs and sources suggest that the development team is already on the initial stages of the expansion pack.

The potential themes include get real, in which the Sims can become stars of a reality television show. When the last interest survey was released by EA, the disclosed list of themes for possible expansion packs had careers as the first option. This time, the first option that has been listed is ‘cars’. Hence, you might be able to prepare your Sims for a life as a car enthusiast.

The new European-styled world in The Sims 4 will be called Windenburg and the new activities like playing Foosball, swimming in rivers and at the same time, you can go back to your roots and have some good old woohoo in change-rooms!

At the same time, gamers will be able to see new activities like DJing and Dancing. You can notice some of these activities in the recently released trailer where you can see the Sims hitting up some hot nightclubs.

Further details will be released in October this year in response to the official release date. There will be more details about the gameplay along with some new footage from Create-A-Sim with great hairstyles and new clothes.

In the meantime, there are some features that we can notice in the next expansion pack. Earlier, The Sims 3 had an Into the Future Expansion Pack which allowed the Sims to enter into a time portal and advance into a new world is hundreds of years into the future.

It included awesome stuff like jetpacks, robots and the ability for Sims to communicate with their future descendants. In the next DLC expansion pack, there could be a time machine that takes Sims into the past with an entire environment suited to the surroundings and atmosphere of that era.