Get Ready For Your Personal Robot Assistant

Celebrities or many people in business have personal assistant to help them with the handling of scheduling appointments, search for something or remind them of important events. Ever wish you could have someone to assist you in your daily life that? Things would surely seem less tense and you could focus on more important things and not be worried about forgetting anything big or small. Well, there could be an assistant but not in the traditional sense, you can get yourself a robot assistant. That’s right, your own personal robot assistant! Technology like this may be out in yew years.

Robots will be able to do more than provide factual information, we may be able to have conversations to solve problems and help around by doing physical tasks for us such as reading stories, managing calendars, or turning out lights.

They are described as open AI (artificial intelligence) ecosystem because apart from our phone and computers but also the thermostat of the house, the car in the driveway and also our watches. So apart from keeping track of our messages, calls and calendars makes them great digital assistants.

These robots are so advanced they can provide personalized advice on health. They can also sense emotions, which machines up to now have been unaware of. This robot can know if you are hungry, stressed or tired and react accordingly by providing what you need or would want to avoid.

You can control anything in the house through the AI assistant from checking the room temperature to video feed from any room just by asking it. It can also order anything for you online, remind you of meeting or appointments, and even wake you up.

Despite being so advanced and much more sophisticated they still aren’t as perfect as human in certain areas but they can help and made life much more comfortable and easier.