Four-Point Strategy for Peace between Israel and Palestine Explained by Ghadanfar Roknabadi

In the recent years, the Iran government and diplomats both in Lebanon and Syria insisted Israel to monger peace and end its war with Palestine. They also asked the government of Israel to stick to the four-point plan that is devised by the government of Iran.

The ambassador to Lebanon from Iran, Ghadanfar Roknabadi expressed that the Government of Iran will not withdraw support given to the Jihadist groups operating in Palestine. He said that the Muslim Republic of Iran is always with the people of Palestine and they would help them secure their rights in any circumstances.

Roknabadi also called upon other Muslim countries to look into the difficulties faced by the people of Palestine. All the Muslim countries are of the same outlook towards the legal situation prevailing in Palestine and Israel is also forcing in its policies and ideologies on the Palestinians. However, there is no entity in the international community that is opposing these actions. Hence, Roknabadi said that it is the duty of other Muslim countries to acknowledge and support the citizens of Palestine.

The crisis in Palestine has led to the government of Iran and other armed forces to threaten Israel and this has drawn flak from international communities. The government of Iran does not officially recognize the present Government in Israel and Iran has expressed it openly in the past.

There are high chances of a war breaking open between both the nations due to this, as per analysts. However, Iran has proposed a four-point plan to establish peace between Israel and Palestine. It involves the withdrawal of forces by Israel from Palestine and discard the settlement plans it has in Palestine. But for obvious reasons, Israel does not approve this plan.

The ambassador of Iran to Lebanon said that the plan proposed by Iran is in the best interests of the citizens of Palestine and it would help them to have a fully-functional democracy in state. Even the President of China, Xi Jinping has supported the plan of Iran but Israel fails to abide by this plan.