Final Fantasy XV: Hits the Market Later This Year, to Feature New Battle System, Tickets for The Uncovered Event Sold Out Within 24 Hours, And More

Amidst various rumors regarding the upcoming game Final Fantasy XV, its developer Square Enix has just launched an official blog for it. The blog is being touted as a replacement for the various Japanese forums for the game which serve as a medium of communication between the developers and fans.

However, it should be noted that the blog is aimed solely for the Japanese fans and thus, everything on it is in the Japanese language. The developers inaugurated the blog by posting a greetings message on it. The greetings message welcomed fans and stated that all information regarding the game and related events will now be available on the blog.

Along with the welcome message, the developers also posted a couple of screenshots related to the game. The screenshots provide fans with an insight to the upcoming game.

The images show a number of characters and events of the game. A couple of snaps of the dungeons can also be seen in the blog. Other images show the various worlds that are to be found within Final Fantasy XV. A number of images of the monsters and camps of the game have also been posted.

To celebrate the occasion of the launching of the blog, the developers have released a special screenshot which shows the different characters of the game standing in a vast open landscape with the bright sun in the background. The screenshot has a dramatic touch to it.

Square Enix will hold a special event related to the game in March. This event has been named Uncovered: Final fantasy XV. Apparently the developers will come forward with a lot of information regarding the game at this event. It was also reported that Square Enix might finally reveal the release date for the upcoming game at this event.

Needless to say, fans are extremely excited for this event and are eagerly looking forward to it. The huge amount of anticipation among fans regarding the upcoming event could be gauged from the fact that the tickets for it were sold-out within a period of 24 hours.

Sale of tickets for the upcoming event began on February 5 at 4 PM PT or 7 PM ET and the very next day an image posted on the official Twitter handle of the game revealed that the tickets were sold out. The image showed four people who are possibly employees of Square Enix holding a placard which read- “All Gone!! See You On march 30th #UNCOVEREDFFXV.”

The developers also expressed their gratitude towards the fans for their support through the post. Fans who weren’t lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket for the event need not worry. Square Enix will stream the event live on its official YouTube and Twitch channels all over the world.

It is being rumored that Square Enix will reveal significant amount of details pertaining to Final Fantasy XV at the event which will include information about the price tag with which the game will come and a playable demo version of it.

The show will be hosted by Greg Miller and Tim Gettys from KindaFunny Games. It will have a runtime which will be in the neighborhood of two hours. The event will take place on 30th March at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Various rumors are doing rounds on the internet that Square Enix might release a PC version of Final Fantasy XV in the future. A Neo GAF user by the name of KupoNut recently claimed that while fishing through HTML code of Square Enix’s official event page he has been able to locate certain signs that hinted towards a PC version of the game.

He stated that the HTML code of the page contained placeholders for the game for PC on Windows 10 and Steam alongside placeholders for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Though Square Enix is yet to make a statement related to the matter, it has removed all the codes from the event page which hinted towards a PC version of Final Fantasy XV.