FIFA 16: Won’t Release on the Nintendo Consoles While it Tackles the Game’s Gender Issues, And More Details Emerge!

Like every other FIFA installment till now, the 16th game of this franchise is going to be pretty amazing. The games which are being released these days feature over-the-top gameplay, action, features and mechanics and lifelike visual quality promoting a great deal of realism.

When you throw HD graphics on top of the pile, gamers all over the world are sure to receive a treat. The treat is going to be similar for fans of the long-running FIFA franchise.

Sources reveal that FIFA 16 is going to start from where its predecessor left off in 15. However, there is something that could end up being annoying, depending on what gaming platform you wish to buy the game for.

One of the reports reveals that the latest version of FIFA is not available on the Nintendo consoles which include the Wii and the 3DS. Most gamers don’t usually like playing games like these on a portable device but they turn out to be a great companion while travelling.

The worst part of this situation is that an Electronics Arts representative was reluctant to comment on the reason behind this specific decision. When a game is being developed, there are many parameters that play important roles.

Nintendo Wii is lagging behind when it comes to things like the no. of graphics processors and cheapening the overall gaming experience. In that case, EA was smart not to have the game portrayed in such light. With the realistic visuals and sounds that make you feel like you are right there for action, you should be hooking this game to your larger HDTV using the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

While speculations suggest that the Wii U and the standard Wii are out of the FIFA picture, further sources claim that PlayStation Vita has been taken off the distribution list. However, keeping up with the earlier trends, EA hasn’t released a FIFA game for the Wii U yet. Hence, it is safe to assume that it will not be available this time as well.

However, the total news might come as a shock for gamers as the FIFA series has been available for Nintendo devices since 2000. Till now, although a source from EA talked about the update, it is actually too early to tell.

Meanwhile, thousands of gamers speculated on the joint announcement by FIFA and Electronic Arts regarding the featuring of Women’s International Soccer Teams for the first time.

FIFA 16, as the perennial soccer game powerhouse will permit women to choose from numerous national teams in the exhibition game, online friendly game modes and offline tournament.

Similar to any announcement regarding women in gaming, there was a lot of hate directed from murky corners of several website comment sections and call forums.