FIFA 16 Pre-Orders Start on Amazon Italy, Speculations Reveal Platforms, Release Date and a Possible Storyline!

The inevitable release of FIFA 16 will come later this year but EA hasn’t announced any details of regarding the game and its availability on various platforms.  However, latest reports suggest that Amazon Italy has already started accepting pre-orders on five different systems. The website simply features a general FIFA 16 logo as the game’s cover player hasn’t been confirmed yet and Amazon’s listing for the game doesn’t come with any significant details.

Meanwhile, FIFA 16’s release has a placeholder date of 31st December 2015 but the FIFA games usually launch around September. It is expected that we’ll start getting more details including the actual release date for the game, once EA starts revealing the latest details. Amazon lists the game for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3. The price for this game ranges from 60 euros on PC to 70 euros on Xbox 360 and PS3 and a slightly higher 73 euros on the present-generation Xbox One and PS4 consoles. The latest job listings also suggest that the game might have a story mode.

After its release in September 2014, FIFA 15 was really well received by worldwide fans. Meanwhile, 2015 isn’t going to be lasting forever and fans of this franchise have already started speculating about the upcoming 16th installment in the FIFA series. Speculations regarding this upcoming title have been crawling around in the internet for a while now.

However, this week, Popular FIFA Games Website, FIFA Game News released an announcement, providing details about the estimated release date for FIFA 16. When it comes to the release date leaks, FIFA Games Website has built up a rather good reputation. As a result, we can surely expect these following release dates to be more than just a rumor. Keep in mind that they were the first to announce release dates for both FIFA 14 and 15 around four months before their actual release. The FGN reported dates for FIFA 16 are as follows:-

  • Japan – October 8 (Thursday)
  • North America – September 22 (Tuesday)
  • United Kingdom – September 25 (Friday)
  • Australia – September 24 (Thursday)
  • Latin America, except Brazil – September 24 (Thursday)
  • Europe – September 24 (Thursday)
  • Brazil – October 8 (Thursday)