FIFA 16: Available at 50 % Discount as Part of Sony’s 12 Deals of Christmas Sale, Update No. 5 Brings Certain Tweaks and Improvements to The Game!

The issue in which in spite of being in the perfect position, the players failed to launch an auto tackle will be fixed. The fatigue aspect will also be improved; the effect of fatigue on players using Aggressive Interceptions and Secondary Contain will get a more prominent distinction which could have an effect on the ability of the players to apply higher pressure as the game progresses.

Players using Aggressive Interceptions are likely to get more fatigued than the ones using Secondary Contain over the course of the match.

Certain changes will also be incorporated into the game through the patch which will work towards bringing about some tweaks and enhancements to a few aspects of the Ultimate Team which include- passes, long shots and interceptions. The developer of the game, EA sports has assured fans that more such updates for the game will be released eventually over the course of time.

The latest UK games chart has been released and it features FIFA 16 in the third position for the current week. The list is headed by Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 in the 1st position followed by Star Wars: Battlefront in the 2nd and FIFA 16 in the 3rd.

Fans are excited over the fact that if FIFA 16 manages to make it to the top position within the current week, it is going to be the ninth instance when a FIFA game has made it to the top of the UK games chart in the Christmas week.

Stay tuned for more update on FIFA 16.