Fans Happy With Rumor That Luke Hemmings And Arzaylea Have Broken Up, Hemmings Spotted With A Mystery Blonde!

Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings have been the hot topic ever since they had started dating. The fans of 5 Seconds of Summer have never liked Arzaylea and have continued to trash her on the social media. There have previously been reports of Arzaylea hooking up with a stranger at a bar.

When she was asked by a fan how she could flirt with another guy while being with Luke Hemmings, she had supposedly said that she isn’t his real girlfriend. She is paid to pretend to be one.

This rumor was lapped up by the fans of Luke Hemmings since they felt that now he would break up with her, but that never happened. Luke Hemmings continues to be with Arzaylea.

While Luke Hemmings is happy dating Arzyalea and doesn’t care what the world has to say, his bandmate, Ashton Irwin has broken up with Bryana Holly.

Ashton Irwin recently came out in the open to reveal that he isn’t dating anyone. There were rumors that Irwin is dating, but he came out to state that he was single and on his own and even went ahead to call himself a lone wolf.

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