Fans Express Their Feelings About Batman V Superman, Film Screened for Dying Fan, DC Comic Hoping to Match Marvel!

Batman V Superman is set to release on the 25th of March and while there are a lot of expectations from the film, there are some fans who are a little skeptical about the upcoming film. The primary reason for the skepticism is that the director of the film isn’t that impressive.

Jack Snyder is directing Batman V Superman and while he has already worked on Man of Steel, fans of the superhero aren’t sure of Jack Snyder has enough talent to pull off a film of this caliber. Snyder is sure that he understands the topic that he is dealing with, but fans feel that he stresses too much into the action and not so much on the character.

Jack Snyder has defended his characterization of Superman and have challenged the fans to read the Superman comics to understand the true character of the man and fans have attacked the director for making Superman so dark and alone and so steeped in violence.

There has always been the debate about whether Superman or Batman will win in a fight involving these two and all comic book fans have sometime or the other discussed on the same line.

Mashable reports that the movie Batman V Superman is a dream come true for all fanboys, but then whenever these two characters have met in the world of comics, they have done so as friends. Friends, who would die for each other if required and not fight until they kill the other.

Reports suggest that Batman and Superman have actually fought with each other only seven times in the span of history and each time they have been under the control of some other external evil force. The one another the influence has always been snapped out of it and then the two have joined forces to eliminate the bad guy.

Batman and Superman have never been pitted as enemies for 75 years that they have lived in the world of comics simply because they were never seen as enemies and to pit two friends together and fill it with violence is to simply do it for the sake of entertainment and that is where the fans of the comic book version of these two characters, have a problem with the upcoming film.

With Batman and Superman both being featured in the film, fans had been wondering if the Joker and the Riddler would be a part of it. According to Collider, Jack Snyder said that both the villains were very close to making it into Batman V Superman.

The screenwriter Chris Terrio even said that there was scope to include them in the film and this will go on to make the film more interesting. However, Jack Snyder ultimately didn’t want the focus to shift from Batman and Superman since he wanted to understand the conflict between them and to develop it.

The premiere for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has already started in different parts of the world. The New York premiere is due, but the Mexico premiere is done and there are photos from the night that are circulating in the media.

The film will see Henry Cavill in the role of Clark Kent aka Superman and Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne aka Batman. The film also has Gal Gadot as Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman. The film will see Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne reprising their roles from the Superman film Man of Steel.