Evo 2016 Gets Record Number Of Super Smash Bros Participants, Nintendo To Release The Game With Nintendo NX!

Super Smash Bros smashed some records at the Evolution Champion Series tournament. The fighting game from Nintendo saw 2000 gamers registering on the Wii U for Super Smash Bros. They are going to compete in the tournament, which will be organized between 15th and 17th July in Las Vegas.

The number of participants for Super Smash Bros beats the numbers from last year. This is a great news and has officially been revealed by the organizers, and they have congratulated Nintendo for the same.

Given the numbers that are coming up this year, it looks like Evo 2016 is going to be the biggest till now. It isn’t just Super Smash Bros that is breaking the records. There are over 5000 participants for Street Fighters 5 and double that number for Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Nintendo has been struggling with Wii U ever since they brought it out back in 2012. The game console has beaten hands down by PlayStation and Xbox One. However, as reported by Gotta Be Mobile, Nintendo has plans to get up and start working on Wii U to give some tough competition to Sony and Microsoft.

The next question that comes to mind is how Nintendo will manage to compete with Sony and Microsoft, and that is when it should be revealed that there are scoops from representatives from Nintendo, which the company is working on releasing the Nintendo NX. There is another rumor that suggests that Super Smash Bros might be launched with the new console.

There is, however, no confirmation on whether Nintendo will release Super Smash Bros in the same form as it had been recently released or whether will rework on it and give it an update for Nintendo NX. While this information was not officially confirmed, Serkan Toto, who is the analyst of Nintendo, has confirmed that Nintendo NX will be launched with Super Smash Bros and a team is already working on new games for the new console.

The E3 ended with no word on Super Smash Bros, with Nintendo stating that they are working on The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. According to Vine Report, Nintendo is carrying out some work on the Super Smash Bros franchise, and there are plans for developing some things for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

There are reports that Nintendo has planned the release of new amiibo figures for Super Smash Bros 4. The amiibo, for those who are not aware, is a special term for figures that are released by the developers in their games. It is almost like a DLC and comes with digital content and might carry bonuses that can be used in the main game.

GameNGuide has reported that Super Smash Bros has characters from a different franchise as well because it is a crossover series and in such a situation, the amiibos that are released might also have figures designed after characters from other games, some of which might not even be developed by Nintendo.

There was no information on any amiibo figures being developed by Nintendo for Super Smash Bros, but then the reports started surfacing when the official CPSIA page of Nintendo indicated that a possibility of the figure being unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

While the players wait for the amiibo, they can explore the secret conversation feature in Super Smash Bros 4. The features are named Palutena Guidance and are similar to the Snake’s Codec Conversation that is present in Super Smash Bros Brawl.