Eva Mendes: Ryan Gosling Gushes About Her, Set to Reprise Her Role in Furious 8, Might Get a Standalone Film!

This is not where the flow of good news stops for the fans. Maxim has reported that producer Vin Diesel and Fast and Furious 8 director F. Gary Gray are planning to make spin-offs from the successful franchise. The original series is about to end and hence they are planning to diversify.

They are going to bring in actors who have enjoyed a very popular place in the franchise and see if they can have a standalone film of their own. Vin Diesel had said that the seven films have given each of the characters enough backstory to enable them to have a film of their own.

Eva Mendes is one of the top contenders to getting a film of their own and hence they are getting her back in the role of Agent Monica Fuentes to see how the audience react to her story and then they will decide on whether to go ahead with a separate film with her in the lead.

The other actor who is likely to get a film of their own is Dwayne Johnson. The fans are super excited about these prospects and there are several fan sites that are urging people to campaign for it so that Universal Pictures decides to go ahead with the intended plan of spin-offs with these characters.

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