Eva Mendes: Rumors Suggest She Has No Baby with Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling Cheating On Her? Let’s See

Eva Mendes had taken a break from her career because of the birth of her daughter, but now she is ready to get back in action. The actress is going to be back in Fast and Furious 8 to reprise the role of Agent Fuentes in the popular franchise.

Vin Diesel and the director of the upcoming film, F Gary Gray, are interested in making standalone films on some of the characters from the franchise and Agent Fuentes is one of them. They are going to see how popular the character is now when she returns to the franchise and will accordingly chalk out the details about the film.

Eva Mendes is also going to be the first female lead in Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar Games had been repeatedly asked why they couldn’t have a female lead in the game and they had always said that it never happened naturally. However, it looks like Rockstar Games is ready to introduce the first female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto VI.

On other news related to Eva Mendes, Joe Jonas seems to be dating a model called Juliana Herz, who looks exactly like Eva Mendes. The two were spotted strolling on the road after lunch at the Gjelina restaurant.

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