Eva Mendes Could Play A Female Protagonist In GTA 6, Will It Be Located In Seattle? Let’s See

All of it sounds quite unconvincing and fake at the moment. At the same time, you will notice possible theories compiled in GTA wish-lists. They include various most-wanted features, ideas, and improvements to be featured in the upcoming game.

The source behind all these rumors is, of course, the GTA community. All these rumors erupted after Take-Two confirmed their ongoing work on upcoming GTA updates.

Latest rumors surrounding the game indicate that Rockstar will finally combine all GTA maps from past titles and give rise to a complete world map in the upcoming game. If these rumors are true, GTA 6 will be the most ambitious title to have ever been developed by Rockstar Games.

It is possible that in the distant future, Rockstar will focus on releasing a GTA title featuring a world map. At the same time, it is almost impossible for GTA developers to accomplish such a daunting task for a single game.

Rockstar hasn’t confirmed if GTA 6 development plans will begin soon. However, the company will soon announce its upcoming projects.  A recent batch of rumors has focused on whether the upcoming game will feature RHD (Right-Hand Drive) vehicles.

If the game is set in London, will the vehicles be RHD? Gamers are currently wondering how it will affect the gameplay and players driving these cars. A lot of people were expecting GTA 6 tidbits to be revealed at E3 2016. Sadly, no such details were provided.

Stay tuned for more info and updates on Grand Theft Auto 6!