Hanks and Watson in a scary vision of the future in The Circle trailer

Do you remember a time where Facebook didn’t exist and where social media was a thing of the past ?  You might wish we were still living in those quieter times after watching the first teaser trailer for the upcoming movie The Circle.

The Circle trailer which premiered on USA Today, reunites superstars Tom Cruise and Emma Watson on the big screen.

The sci-fi thriller tells the story of a young college graduate named Mae (Watson) who is hired by one of the most renowned tech company called The Circle.  Meanwhile, the mysterious founder of the corporation, Eamon Bailey (Hanks), unveils his latest revolutionary gadget called SeeChange.

The video camera allows their users to share their lives in real-time to everyone on the planet.

Before long, Mae start documenting all of her life through SeeChange, thus becoming a worldwide celebrity.  But after talking to her co-workers, actors John Boyega (Star Wars – The Force Awakens) and Karen Gillan (Doctor Who’s), Mae starts to question the true motivations behind its maker’s latest innovation.

“Bailey’s notion is that knowing is good, and knowing everything is better,” director James Ponsoldt told USA Today. “He believes all experiences should be available to everyone, not only the privileged or people who can afford them. He’s deeply interested in technology that can make people share all human experiences with everyone. He’s a boundary pusher, even boundary destroyer.”

Based on the 2013 Dave Eggers’ novel, the motion picture is being produced by Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks, Anthony Bregman and James Ponsoldt.

The Circle will be released in theaters on April 28th, 2017.

Take a look at the trailer below :