Elio Motors Looks at Crowd Funding Techniques to Raise the Much-Needed $240 Million for Production!

Hence, the situation is currently a fix. Numerous claims and speculations regarding the legitimacy of Paul Elio’s visions and promises are currently doing the rounds, although, the sources cannot legally backup any of those claims.

During the recent motor shows, the prototype of the Elio P4 was showcased and Paul Elio declared that the vehicle will release with a price tag of 6800 dollars. This makes it highly affordable for the masses. Paul Elio further claims extremely fuel-efficiency and incredible safety, although, these are yet to be tested.

Paul Elio further remarked that he wishes to raise funds for the company in order to start mass production no later than 2016. In terms of funding support, it seems that Elio Motors has a long way to go!

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1 thought on “Elio Motors Looks at Crowd Funding Techniques to Raise the Much-Needed $240 Million for Production!”

  1. I can see four aspects that may make the EPA loan a bit iffy…
    1. The autocycle categorization (no NCAP crash testing required) differs per state, making high-volume sales less likely.
    2. 90-95% of the drivers sit all alone in their cars; you don’t need that much bulk on the road as Paul Elio has pointed out on several occasions… However, the Elio has a front stance that is as wide as that of a full-size car. Space is not gonna benefit.
    3. The relative ‘Alleingang’ of Paul Elio, despite its partnerships.
    4. EPA funding spent on developing yet another ICE isn’t that a bit questionable to say the least? Why didn’t Paul Elio get hold of a decent last-generation fuel-efficient engine from a major OEM?

    What struck me most, is that the Elio is basically a flawed concept, and that Paul Elio did not spend more time on really thinking his three-wheeler through. Here’s a better vehicle concept: far safer, comfier, more fun to drive, more space-efficient too.

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