Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors Reveal How the Game is Likely to Combine Certain Online Elements, And More

In the meantime, gamers have no idea how the 6th installment in this franchise will look like. Seemingly, quite a few ideas will be introduced will be introduced with the upcoming title. Since the industry is constantly evolving, gamers could see a new multiplayer aspect in this franchise. Keep in mind that online ad multiplayer features have ruined gameplay experiences in the past, especially in Diablo III. As a result, gamers will never enjoy seeing a title that will force them to play online.

Meanwhile, latest rumors claim that Elder Scrolls 6 is currently under development and Bethesda is getting geared up for the final release. If these rumors are true, the game will release in June 2015, especially since Bethesda has confirmed its release in this year’s E3. Currently, there are many reports claiming that Elder Scrolls 6 will mark a decent upgrade over the graphics and gameplay elements of its predecessor.

A lot of them have even stressed on the development of a whole new engine for this upcoming title. Meanwhile, further reports indicate that this will be the game where Bethesda finally links up to the events in the past. In the past, we saw a series of weapons like halberds, spears, and other melee items. Gamers where not fond of them and starting modding each and every one of these weapons. In Elder Scrolls 6, we might get to experience a host of brand new weapons.

Stay tuned for more updates on Elder Scrolls 6!