Elder Scrolls 6 Could Be Set In Any Remaining Unexplored Tamriel Location with Possibilities of Morrowind and Skyrim Meeting Up, More Details

Morrowind and Skyrim are both locations that have been featured in the Elder Scrolls franchise but they have their significant differences. Skyrim was a title that was fit for the time in which it was released. It was during the graphics card revolution and also the birth of HD graphics. On the other hand, Morrowind suffered as its weakness was recognized due to the limitation of tech at that time. Thankfully, it made up for that with a gripping storyline and an engaging quest. Rumors claim that in Elder Scrolls 6, gamers might finally see Morrowind and Skyrim coming together. If this really happens, it could serve as an excellent platform from Elder Scrolls 7 and onwards.

In the meantime, the upcoming E3 event will be quite surprising in nature. This is the first time there’s going to be a Bethesda event during E3 this year. What is the final implication on Elder Scrolls 6? The game appears to be eons away from even being talked about but officially, Bethesda should be planning or already developing it. In the invitations sent by Bethesda, Fallout 4 could turn out to be the big question mark.

Stay tuned for updates on Elder Scrolls 6!