Downton Abbey Season 6: Script Not Yet Finished, Rumors Reveal Marriage and Romance, More Details

There are no doubts in the mind of the viewers that Downton Abbey Season 6 will be the last time they see the Crawley family, they are hopeful that the writers will tie up all the loose ends in the season finale.

In a panel interview recently held at the Writers Guild Theater, when asked how the series will end, Hugh Bonneville, who plays the role of Lord Grantham, revealed that the cast hasn’t received their scripts for the season finale of the series. When Julian Fellowes, the series creator was asked the reason behind this, he said that it was because he has still not finished writing the script for Downton Abbey Season 6.

The shooting for the season is already halfway through and there are numerous rumors doing the rounds already. Downton Abbey Season 5 showed Mr. Carson making a touching proposal to Mrs. Hughes, who happily accepted it.

There were photos revealed by The Mirror that showed the actors filming a wedding scene at Burghclere, Hampshire and Lincoln Inn Fields. Bertie Pelham, Lady Edith Crawley, Violet Crawley and others were shown decked in all their fineries.

Season 6 will show a romance developing between Bertie Pelham and Lady Edith. Lady Mary is also likely to end the misery in her life and find a happy space with Henry Talbot. This rumor is however, baseless because it depends on Matthew Goode’s availability for the filming of Downton Abbey Season 6.

Executive producer, Gareth Neame has said that the creative team wants Goode back on the series. They really liked his portrayal of the character of Henry Talbot and feel that he is perfect for Lady Mary. However, it all depends on the availability of dates. Matthew Goode is already enjoying a successful run in The Good Wife and that might stop him from being available to take up the role of Henry Talbot in Downton Abbey Season 6.

The cast of the popular series has said that it still hasn’t sunk in that they are going to be airing the final season of Downton Abbey. Bonneville, said that the feeling will hit them when they start filming the final scene of the series. With the actors still not receiving the scripts of the ending, they still feel that the show will continue.