Downton Abbey Season 6: Release Date Announced, Feelings of Every Cast Member Revealed, Plans of Making a Spinoff, And More!

In order to assess Anna and Bates’ relationship, one must revisit their marriage in Season 5 where Anna’s strength is tested and undercut by Mr. Bates’ badgering questions about her aloofness.

Since Anna is cheery and positive, we hope that she dismisses Bates’ doubts and also reinforces the fact that they are married, and that it is still Anna’s child. Throughout the show, Bates has always loved Anna unconditionally, but this is not the final straw. Bates is liberal and broad-minded enough to accept and love the baby even if the father-ship is in question.

The final season will show Mr. Carson, portrayed by Jim Carter, and Mrs. Hughes, played by Phyllis Logan, finally together but assumptions are made whether there will be a baby in the offing for the adoring, lovable couple?  Will Barrow, played by James-Collier, ever find love?

In Season 5, it was showcased that Mr. Bates (Brendon Coyle) was arrested for murdering Mr. Green, a crime which he did not commit. However, with Bates behind bars, the question is will he ever come out?  Fans of this drama will have to wait until 2016 to find out the answer.

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