Doctor Strange: Movie Review

Doctor Strange meeting with the Ancient One

This movie scores very high in its characterization. The actors blend well with the characters creating a special kind of audience-character synergy.

Cumberbatch perfectly plays the role of the egotistic Doctor Strange whose egotism and vast knowledge aren’t enough to let him see the intangible possibilities, especially when they aren’t in line with his dominant perspective. The story really centers on him realizing his shortsightedness and understanding the level of power he has access to.

Tilda Swinton became a source of inspiration in her performance as the ancient one. Calculative and restrained she personifies hope as she tries to overcome her doubt and help strange achieve enlightenment. She serves as a moral guide and a teacher who though skeptical is willing to push Strange to choose between death and progress in his bid to master the mystic arts.

Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Mordo in the most fabulous of manners. Mordo is a complicated role and Chiwetel’s extraordinary talent makes this character one of MCU’s best supporting character. Mordo demands that everyone around him lives up to his own ideals of magic and the natural world and he punishes those who fail at this.

A significant idea that is heavily explored in this movie is the fact that things cannot always make sense, one cannot always find a right answer and that the contradiction between opposing forces opens up a delicate balance where nothing is totally right because an absolute answer is never possible. Endless dimensions and limitless possibilities at every angle make it impossible to claim that any particular truth or reality governs this world. Instead, we search for a path of balance between these numerous forces and elements that define our operating reality.

Marvel Cinematic Universe’ Doctor Strange hits cinemas on 4-11-2016. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!