Days Of Our Lives: At Risk Of Cancellation, Kristen Is Returning With A Secret, And More

Days of Our Lives is gearing up for its 50th anniversary, but things don’t look good for the show. The daytime series was renewed in January 2014, for two more years after it was seen that the show had a good rating and was still reeling in viewers. However, few months into the renewed season, things seem to be going downhill and the show is at risk of being cancelled.

There are many reasons that could be held responsible for this sudden change in TRP. The show that was a fan-favourite for all these seems to have lost viewers since it changed the head of the creative team. No, this change hasn’t resulted in a loss of viewers. The change was made because the producers felt that the show’s storyline wasn’t good enough, and it didn’t a change in the team.

The new writers are working on a far improved plot-line, but given that the episodes are shot months before they are screened, it will be a matter of a few months before the episodes by the new team is shot and screened. This move, though was a desperate attempt to salvage the show, might just be a little too late.

Another mistake that could have cost Days of Our Lives its viewers could be the focus on introducing new characters, ignoring the old ones that had a deeply rooted history. The creative team has again decided to work on this and will being in fan favourites like Stephen Nichols and Peter Reckell for the November anniversary episode. There’s rumour that Alison Sweeney might also make a comeback in the show.

Fans feel that bringing these beloved characters back for an anniversary episode will do nothing to save the doomed daytime series. They feel that bringing back Reckell in the main plot for good, would have been a wiser idea on the part of the production team of Days of Our Lives.