Dancing with The Stars Season 21: The Top Four Set to Dance It Out in The Two Day Finale, Bindi Irwin the Top Contender!

Bindi Irwin has her mother Terri Irwin and brother Robert Irwin supporting her. Even on days when she doesn’t give her best, they cheer her on. IBTimes reported that Terri Irwin feels that her little daughter has completely grown up and most of the credits go to her dance partner Derek Hough.

Bindi Irwin, who is a conservationist by profession, is very good while handling animals. However, it sure looks like she is very much at home even in the world of ballroom dancing given the way she has been performing.

Nick Carter performed a jazz routine with the songs from the Backstreet Boy’s album and it was a sweet blast from the past for the audience. People cheered and hooted, but that couldn’t give Nick Carter a good score and he ended up in the bottom of the list.

There was a chance of his elimination this week, but because Tamar Braxton left the show, all remaining four proceeded to the finale.

Viewers who regularly watch the show have already made their choices about who deserves to win Dancing with the Stars Season 21. However, the winner depends on the performance on two days of the finale.

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