Cops kill innocent man, robber gets away

Cops kill innocent man, robber gets away

In Indianapolis , IMPD policemen showed up after receiving a 911 call about someone’s wife being robbed. When the officers arrived on scene,  they shot  the first person they saw which was the homeowner. The initial robber got way.

Robber gets away

The woman, who got home from work, said the robber demanded her car keys and held a gun to her face. Choosing her life over the auto keys, the woman gave everything to the robber. She then quickly ran indoors to her husband who already called 911 regarding the robbery.

The woman’s husband, who has been identified as 48-year old Carl Williams, went outside with a firearm to protect his family. When the cops arrived at the scene, they shot him instantly and mistook Williams for the robber. Williams was taken to a hospital with severe injuries and is still in critical condition. Shortly after the incident, the IMPD released a statement.  “Our officers tried to approach the armed homeowner to investigate the situation but quickly shot them in the stomach, as they took him for the robber.”

The cop who shot the homeowner was put on Administrative Leave (standard procedure). An internal investigation will now be held to figure out whether or not the policeman are guilty.

The homeowner, who was trying to protect his wife, was shot for no reasons, Angela Parrott explained to IndyStar. I’ve had it with these trigger happy police man who think they are John Wayne.