Complete Details about Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Comparison to the New Surface Book and Extended Warranty Plans!

Microsoft announced a large number of Windows 10 devices and the Surface Book, a new laptop, is among them. Display-wise, the Surface Book offers a screen size of 13.5 inches, which is bigger than the 12.3 inches display in the Surface Pro 4.

The Surface Book has a resolution of 3000×2000, greater than the 2736×1824 pixels resolution in the Surface Pro 3 but the pixel density of 267ppi and aspect ratio of 3:2 remains the same.

In terms of processing, both devices offer Core i5 and Core i7 options but the Surface Pro 4 also comes with an m3 variant. In the graphics department, the Surface Book is clearly superior with its Nvidia GPU, compared to the integrated Intel graphics in the Surface Pro 4.

Meanwhile, under the separate Microsoft Complete Service Plan, customers can purchase the extended service agreement and the company will provide accidental damage coverage along with a 2-year warranty for many products which are sold through its store. The Surface Pro 4 plan is available for $149.

Stay tuned for more updates on Microsoft Surface Pro 4!