Character Names and Voice Actors of Final Fantasy XV Leaked, New Monster Details Leaked As Well!

In the world of gaming, it is difficult to keep something secret for a really long time. At a certain point of time, the rumors start getting more vivid and it becomes impossible to hide the launch of a title.

Very simple things like an actor’s bio or game’s page on the Internet Movie Database can inadvertently reveal something about an upcoming game before the developer is ever ready to make an official announcement.

This is exactly what happened with Final Fantasy XV. There aren’t a lot of details and information available regarding Final Fantasy XV’s characters and plots but what we know for sure is we have never heard about any character with the name of Crowe or Weskham Armaugh.

They are among some of the character names that recently popped up on the IMDB page for Final Fantasy XV. Actors Alexa Kahn and D.C Douglas were further attached to them. Emily Roya O’Brien as Y’Shtola and Greg Berg as characters Gregory, Elegan Gentleman and Impudent Tourist were also listed among them.

These may not be a lot of important characters but details are details, apparently. The first poster on NeoGaf was quick to point out that IMDB like most of these internet encyclopedias, is largely user updated and then it is checked for accuracy.

According to the original story, D.C Douglas has already pointed out that he is working on Final Fantasy XV. His most notable role is Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil series and you have to admit that his supposed FFXV character’s name, Weskham Armaugh, is kind of similar.

Another interesting detail comes with the name “Y’shtola” which is not really unknown to the realm of Final Fantasy. She is the white-haired, bunny-eared lady who is handy with magic from the popular MMORPG. She will also make an appearance in Dissidia.

It is a Final Fantasy themed fighting game which is presently only available in Japanese arcades. If the IMDB listing turns out to be accurate, we could be looking at a surprise appearance from a different game in Final Fantasy XV or Square Enix.

This probably leads to some sort of an unknown connection between two different characters by making them share the same name.

Thankfully, E3 is coming up soon and we expect that Square Enix will finally reveal some details about Final Fantasy XV. Someone might have jumped the gun or these characters related actors are pretty accurate. Right now, you will have to keep your fingers crossed for more details.

The latest details for Final Fantasy XV will feature new monsters, character list and possible game release date for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The upcoming Final Fantasy sequel will come with new characters for the game.

Besides the character and cast listing, Square Enix also featured a new kind of monster for Final Fantasy XV during the stage of game development.

The look was featured in the official blog page of Square Enix Europe. It came with the texture and creation for the new monster since the head resembles that of a crocodile.

Several weeks were taken by the development team to render a single model and further two weeks were taken to render the black and white model before finally rendering it.

They also discussed how to plan and animate the movements for Final Fantasy XV and after that, the development team will have some minor tweaks for the model as well. There are also other news making rounds and according to them, it has been claimed by several individuals that Square Enix has decided to launch “Final Fantasy XV” on September for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.