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The story involving Exo Zombies will continue after the Outbreak Exo Zombies map. The Zombie outbreak spread to rural America while the four main characters were taken out of the Atlas facility and treated. These characters will again return to face the zombies, but this time they’ll receive additional assistance from a new group that wishes to save as many survivors possible. Oz was a janitor in the Atlas Facility. He is played by John Malkovich knows for his roles in Con Air and Being John Malkovich.

Kahn was an executive in the Atlas Corporation. He is played by Bill Paxton, famous for his roles in Aliens, True Lies and the latest Edge of Tomorrow I Live Die Repeat trailer. Meanwhile, Lilith was a security administrator in the Atlas Facility. Rose McGowan plays her character, known for his roles in Planet Terror and Charmed. Decker is played by John Bernthal known for his role in The Walking Dead TV Show.

Players will witness a Zombie Dogs Round, an Infection round and a Toxic Zone introduced once every few rounds.

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