BlackBerry Priv: Tech-Specs and Prices Revealed, Our Take on the Latest Android-Powered Berry, More Details

The Priv, however, isn’t as user-friendly as the loyalists might have wanted it to be. Even though the smartphone runs on Android, it is slow, although, the smartphone does not lag.

BlackBerry should really consider listening to the reviews of the Priv and start working on a second-generation model, if they want to save what’s left of their reputation as a smartphone manufacturer.

However, the primary problem with BlackBerry is that the company had never intended for the smartphone to be used by the masses. BlackBerries are supposed to be exclusive.

However, what the company fails to realize that it is evidently difficult for any Android-powered smartphone to break away from the pack.

The only exclusive smartphone in the market today is the Apple iPhone and that has been the case for a very long time. However, unlike Blackberry, Apple is quite serious about the problems and they keep on updating their devices and OS. We don’t expect the same level of enthusiasm from BlackBerry.

When it comes to recommending the BlackBerry Priv to family or friends, I would not be very enthusiastic about the deal. Considering the numerous premium segment smartphone that are currently on offer for half the price, the Priv fails to impress. If you want to spend $700+, go for the iPhone.

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