Big Bang Theory Shows Sheldon and Leonard Fight Over A Giant Sub, Howard Irritated With Raj’s Boasting!

Sheldon can be a tad irritating sometime and there have been many a times that the viewers have been frustrated by his habit and eccentricities, so we know how poor Leonard feels. It’s been years since they have been living together and Leonard seems to have gotten used to most of Sheldon’s irritating habit. However, in the last episode, titled, The Viewing Party Combustion, Leonard refuses to let Sheldon have his way and sets his foot down.

Leonard and Penny have decided to have everyone over for the Game of Thrones viewing and Leonard seems to make the occasion a little more festive by ordering a giant sub for himself. This makes Sheldon point out that the presence of the giant sub seems to indicate a party. Big Bang Theory ends up showing an all-out war.

Sheldon insists that Leonard come for the roommate-agreement meeting the following day and Leonard refuses it saying that he doesn’t need to attend a meeting to be his roommate. Sheldon states that they can discuss the agenda in the next roommate meeting that is due the following day.

Things get worse in The Big Bang Theory, when Penny decides to side with Sheldon instead of her husband. Penny has finally memorized the Pledge of Allegiance and she really wants to attend the meeting for this very reason. Leonard, however, gets Amy on his side. She is frustrated about the meetings that Sheldon has scheduled for their relationship-agreement.

The Big Bang Theory episodes gets more exciting when Howard and Raj enters with a fight of their own. Raj and Howard are fighting because Raj thinks that he is cool about dating two women. He had let Emily make him a frittata and had kept the leftover from it in Claire’s fridge.

Finally the group breaks up with Penny, Sheldon and Raj moving on to Penny’s apartment with one portion of Leonard’s sub and Leonard, Amy and Howard watch it in Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment. The tie breaks when Stuart makes an entry in a Kit Harrington getup.

Now everyone who watches The Big Bang Theory regularly will know that Howard has a terrible reaction to peanuts and that is exactly what ruins the evening of Game of Thrones. The meat inside the sub has mortadella, which turns out to be made from pistachio, which makes Howard’s face blow up. The last part of the episode of The Big Bang Theory has everyone sitting at the emergency room, while Howard is treated for his allergies.

Sheldon has the final say in the matter. He points out that Leonard’s sub wasn’t suitable for the evening and it clearly wasn’t since it ended up ruining it for everyone. Stuart does get the better off Sheldon, Leonard and Raj after they tease him about his girly bicycle and he takes away their bathroom privileges at the comic book store. However, the gang has the last laugh since Stuart’s cloak gets caught in the bicycle chain and he flies over the handle and falls.

The Big Bang Theory has hinted at some insights that the viewers might have missed. Amy points out that he has never been as close to Sheldon or as jealous of Leonard being friends with him, as she is jealous about Penny and Sheldon’s friendship.

That is when the viewers realize that Penny and Sheldon have indeed connected at a level that the two have them haven’t with anyone else. The bond that Penny and Sheldon have shared is in fact deeper than what she shares with Leonard or what Sheldon shares with Penny.