Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition’s Will Support All Existing-Mods, a New Mod Adds the Classic Transformers Movie Song in the Game!

People who own the base game and all expansion packs or Skyrim’s Legendary Edition will get this next-gen experience for free. The game will release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but those gamers will not be able to use their existing saves. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition will release on 28th October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PS4.

Recently, Bethesda shared some new details about the upcoming Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition game on PS4 and Xbox One. While responding to fans on Twitter, Pete Hines decided to shut down all rumors regarding new DLCs and talked about the new Creation Kit.

Hines also talked about the challenges they faced while porting a huge game like Skyrim to PS4 and Xbox One. He was asked whether the Remastered Skyrim version will include downloadable content and new quests. Hines told the fan that it would include all the original DLCs but no new content. He added that it would not include any new DLCs beyond the original game.

While talking about the challenges involving the port to consoles, he said that it involves a lot of work.  He said that he’s not sure if the creation kit will be released before or after the launch of Skyrim Special Edition. When asked about Elder Scrolls 6, Pete Hines said that he would not release any information about the game until they reveal it formally.

What are your thoughts on The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition? Stay tuned for more updates on this game!