Best Bits from MTV Movie Awards and John Greene Cries over Shailene Woodley’s Speech during the Event, More Details

At the MTV Movie Awards, you can never predict who you’ll get to interview and even if you can, it’s impossible to predict what they’ll say. However, hot questions you might want to ask at the moment include Victoria Justice about her latest crush, the cast of ‘Faking-It’ about their behind-the-scenes moments and Khylin Rhambo about his weirdest fan run-in.

Since you get only a few minutes to talk to each star, in most cases you only get to ask a single question. If you ask the correct questions, you will end up finding a lot of interesting Q&A roundups like this year’s MTV Movie Awards.

If you bring your sister to the red carpet, there’s a mighty chance that she might become a part of your interview rather than just being a face in the background. This is exactly what happened with MTV’s ‘’Eye Candy’’ actress, Victoria Justice and her sister who got tangled in the Q&A session. Victoria Justice, adorned with Versace and uncomfortable stilettos was confused regarding who to choose as her blue carpet crush. Her sister couldn’t help either until they finally decided that it was Viner Jerome Jarre whose videos are loved by Victoria, and she adores their positive nature.

The cast of MTV’s Romantic Comedy ‘Faking It’ decided to introduce a little fun into their lives, similar to the characters they portray. This initiative involved a hidden whoopee cushion where Jillian Rose Reed and a co-star pulled off this classic move by placing one underneath the seat of  Brett Davern. Reed added that Brett thought he had farted. Brett admitted to saying, ‘’Oh, was me.’’ Reed jokingly added that he might have been so engrossed at the moment that he didn’t notice.

Meanwhile, MTV ‘Teen Wolf’ actress, Arden Cho is ready to star in an Action Film. She gets a healthy measure of action on MTV’s crazily popular sci-fi drama. Arden Cho, wearing a coral cut-out number admitted that she loves doing her stunts. According to her, when it comes to stunts, the most effective method is to do as much as you can on your own. After that, the stunt performer adds to the magic followed by both of them editing it all together and making it click.