Batman: Arkham Knight Is Magnificently Crafted but PC Sales Have Been Stopped Due To Tremendous Performance Issues!

However, the game keeps things interesting with the versatility of its lengthy side-quests that take full advantage of the World’s Greatest Detective’s deductive skills. Meanwhile, the Riddler logic puzzles have made a comeback.

You might still remember and cherish the claustrophobic surroundings that were introduced in Batman: Arkham Asylum, you are bound to love the victory of wish fulfillment in the magnificent sandbox that is Batman: Arkham Knight,

In other news, issues arose for PC gamers when they started experiencing a Gotham that is filled with more than just Gotham thugs. Apparently, the PC version comes with bugs, glitches and performance issues that have ruined the Bat-fantasy experience for a number of hardcore PC gamers.

In some cases, the experience is so painful that the game becomes literally unplayable in many cases. Meanwhile, the developers are looking at these issues quite seriously and decided to suspend future sales of the PC version until the game can satisfy all quality standards.

Stay tuned for more updates on Batman: Arkham Knight!