Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani to U.S.:Ease Sanctions Imposed on Iran

An influential politician of Iran, Hashemi Rafsanjani, opined that the American and European governments should go easy on the sanctions they had imposed previously on the economy of Iran. As the nuclear case of Iran is undergoing trial, several countries such as the European Union and the United States have been imposing stringent sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani said that there is a positive trend recently from Western countries towards the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, he opines that more action is needed for improving the ties with the Iran Government. Ayatollah expressed his views recently when he was in a meeting with the members of the Expediency Discernment Council.

He also thinks that the sanctions by European and American countries are barbaric and should be lifted at the earliest possible date. The Iranian Government had previously complicated many issues over the nuclear aspects, but they are confident that the new Government under the rule of Hassan Rowhani will take adequate steps to ensure that they maintain a friendly relationship with all the countries in the world.

Also, Ayatollah requested the new president, Hassan Rowhani, to take charge and look into the problems immediately after he starts his term in office. He also suggested that the Assembly of Experts would help the new president to improve on the ties.

Ayatollah advised the new president that there are a lot of issues that are currently piling up and attention has to be paid to solving such issues. He wants the new government to put in their best so that all the issues in the country stand solved at the earliest possible time.

Hashemi was also glad that the country had participated actively in the election process held in 2013, and he is pleased that the people of Iran have laid their confidence in the Republic of Islam and the Revolution led by Islamists. Being the fourth president of Iran, Hashemi Rafsanjani, and when he entered into the recent elections held in 2013, he was disqualified from contesting after ten days.