Avatar 2: Focus on Ocean Ecosystem, Cameron Gets Emotional, Michelle Rodriguez Not Part Of the Film, And More

Avatar was a runaway success and James Cameron is already ready to start shooting for Avatar 2. There’s additional good news for the fans of the blue humanoids from Pandora, Cameron has signed a contract to make not one, but three sequels of Avatar, which means that Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 are also in line for production.

Avatar had focused on the plant ecosystem of Pandora, with emphasis on the Hometree that held the planet’s biological neural network. If rumors are to be believed, Avatar 2 is going to focus on the water ecosystem of Pandora.

Cameron while talking to Comingsoon.net confirmed that Avatar 2 is going to focus on the ocean ecosystem of Pandora. The Oscar winning director is very active when it comes to conserving Earth and he said that with Avatar, he is trying to send the message about the importance of conserving the planet to the audience.

Cameron revealed that the reason for focusing on the ocean ecosystem is to drive home the point that the coral reefs and other aquatic elements are not going to last for more than 50 years if the humans do not stop their reckless behavior.

Cameron also teased that the plot for Avatar 2 has been inspired after he did scuba diving, but the whole plot for Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 will not take place over or under water and the ecosystem is just a part of the larger picture that the film will be exploring.

While Avatar 2 is ready for production, Cameron has agreed to the fact that simultaneously. He has to make sure that every fine crease is ironed out before Avatar 2 hits the floor since it is going to be difficult for him to make changes in the script once the films start rolling.

Avatar 2 is being delayed because Cameron is waiting for a technology that will help him shoot motion and capture expressions underwater. CrossMap has reported that fans need not worry since even though Avatar 2 has been delayed, the other two sequels will be sped up by the improved software and graphic tools.

Since the delay due to lack of technological support, the release date for Avatar 2 has been pushed back to December 2017. Cameron started working on the script for Avatar 2 in 2014, but even though he has completed his script and has penned down the whole story of Pandora he isn’t being able to start the filming because he needs a special graphics software that will aid him in his shoot.

His designing team who had worked with him in Avatar are busy working on developing tools and software that will help Cameron to shoot Avatar 2. According to Collider, Cameron is going to offer the fans a whole lot of things with Avatar 2.

There are going to be new characters, new habitats and new cultures. In spite of introducing new elements the basic conflict for Avatar 2 is going to be the human’s and their tendency to dominate nature and the Na’vis tendency of being integrated into nature.

Christian Post has reported that Cameron is going to work simultaneously on all three films such that there will be no pause between ending one film and the beginning of the other. Once Avatar 2 starts rolling, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 will follow suit.