Autonomous Cars in Use

Self-driving cars may still be something most people would frown upon and doubt its purpose but it could also be potentially beneficial to many.

Self-driving cars which we have seen on movies may become a reality but there is a lot of researching and testing and other factors to consider before it could become a reality.

Apart from just sitting back relaxing while the car drives itself what are the other benefits? For starters, more safety on road. Many of the accidents happening every year are due to driver error so if a machine driving there is less possibility of accidents and traffic will be more efficient.

The elderly and the disabled will be able to travel more efficiently wherever they want without the assistance of others or public transport.

People could travel long distances without stopping for rest and do other activities such as watching videos or chatting without worrying about distracting the driver. This way travel time is decreased as well made more enjoyable.

The cars have means to obtain sensory data from cameras, radars, GPS and other technology to make sure it can navigate through the best path and various traffic situation. There is absolutely no need for human interaction, all the good road finding, driving is done by the car.

It is believed that such cars would be very expensive for ordinary people. This is only one of the few drawbacks of obtaining such a car.

If computers takeĀ over cars many drivers will lose their jobs in taxi services and buses increasing unemployment. There is also the possibility of hackers getting into the system and altering its functions.

Although a computer is said to be much more accurate and less prone to error it must be taken into consideration that a slight glitch may cause a very fatal accident. And if a car did get into an accident who will the police be questioning?

The robot may sometimes be unable to distinguish road signs or hand signs by actual drivers may be difficult to understand.

The advantages may outweigh the disadvantages but there is still a long way of testing on driverless cars before they can actually be put on road everywhere.