Aspects From The First Film Incorporated Into Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, Javier Bardem Stars As The Villain, Paul McCartney To Make A Cameo!

The location for shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 5 was Australia, where Disney shot the film for almost 100 days in the Village Roadshow Studio in Queensland. The shoot there wasn’t a smooth one since there were numerous delays as Johnny Depp had had an injury and also there was sandstorm that closed the whole unit. KFTV reported that with the Australian leg of the shoot complete, the crew is now in Vancouver where they will be working until the end of April.

Talking about other news regarding Pirates of the Caribbean 5. There is an interesting piece of information from The Guardian that states that Paul McCartney is going to be in the upcoming film. Report has it that Paul McCartney plays the role of a very crucial character in the whole set in the fifth film.

The Beatles star isn’t going to be the first musician to make an appearance in the franchise. Keith Richards had been a part of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End where he played the role of Captain Jack Sparrow’s father.

The film has seen some major buzz while the crew was filming in Australia. Johnny Depp’s wife, Amber Heard had come to Australia brought along their dogs and as it turns out one of them were illegal in Australia. Amber Heard had brought them in with her on her chartered flight and without the necessary documents.

Fans are waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 since it might be the last film with Johnny Depp in it as he had teased once.

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