Ariana Grande: Early Life Revealed, Filmed Licking Doughnuts, Seen Making Abusive Statements about America Followed by an Apology, And More

Ariana Grande said that she’s very much proud to be an American and she also made it very clear that she loves her country. She said that her comments, which were directed towards her friend while they were spending a personal moment, was taken entirely out of perspective and also said sorry for not being more careful with her selection of terms.

In spite of saying sorry, the cashier Mayra Solis of Wolfee Doughnuts said that the singer was highly impolite. Ariana Grande along with her new love interest, backup dancer Ricky Alvarez, is understood to have disappointed the staff of Wolfee Doughnut with their awful actions. The cashier who was on duty, added that the singer didn’t pay for any of the doughnuts that which she licked.

At one point of time the pair was found kissing but when a new and bright bunch of doughnuts were kept on the counter, the singer was heard using abusive terms while claiming that she hates Americans and America in general. She later announced that her comments were not intentional.

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