Apurba-Urmila: A new pair in drama serial

Audience – admired actor Apurba and promising actress of the recent time, Urmila Srabanti Kar have paired up for an upcoming drama serial recently. Though Urmila once acted with Apurba in a drama serial in the beginning of her career, the drama serial never aired on any TV channel till today. From that point of view, it would be the duo’s first drama serial together in the 52- episode drama serial titled ‘Sonar Shikol’ under the direction of brilliant TV drama-maker Syed Shakil.

The shooting of the drama serial has begun this week in the capital’s Uttara area. In this drama serial, Apurba is playing as Arko, while Urmila is enacting the role of Joi. Apurba said about acting in the drama serial, “in one world, the story of the drama serial is fantastic.

The story has not been prolonged illogically and transition from one story to another seems to have a deep connection with each other. What I can tell the viewers, who will watch the drama serial, will definitely like it. And, Urmila is doing great nowadays.”

Urmila said, “I found Apurba is the most serious actor among all the artistes with whom I worked till now. From the position of an artiste of my status should not assess him. Even then, I wish to speak about him that he has always been an immense support for me from the beginning of my career. This is always pleasurable for me to work with him.

I am also grateful to director Syed Shakil for giving me the opportunity of acting alongside Apurba.” The drama serial will be aired on a satellite TV channel soon, director Shakil informed DhakaLive.